Bob Costas Says a Whole Lot of Nothing to Jon Stewart



Bob Costas was interviewed by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show recently. Costas was following up on remarks he had made a couple of months ago during halftime at a football game about a murder-suicide involving a certain NFL football player and his girlfriend. During the halftime commentary, Costas really only repeated remarks by another journalist that indicated if a gun wasn’t involved then the “tragedy” would have never happened.

My question is: For whom exactly is this event “tragic” Mr. Costas? He practically apologizes for the perpetrator, apologizes for that fact that the perpetrator got his hands on a gun, and took a human being’s life, and then cowardly took his own. You see, according to Costas, the gun is at fault, not the player. It was a “tragic” set of circumstances that the gun was available to this unstable, and dare I say it evil individual. According to Costas, the inanimate object, the gun, should be indicted in this case. In addition, Costas never mentions the murder of the victim, which is the real tragedy.

On the Daily Show, it seems Costas tried to formulate his own thinking on the gun control debate, and came up with a convoluted correlation between guns, violence, and NFL football.

During this particular excerpt of the interview, Costas rambles about black athletes basically worshipping guns, and talks about the “gun culture” that exists among black athletes, and mixes some elements of the fact that guns are glorified in hip hop music, and that some black players are influenced by this. He also disparaged the new Sylvester Stallone movie, “Bullet to the Head”, ostensibly also giving Hollywood a half-hearted critique on glorifying guns in the movies as well.

Now Costas jumbled together a lot of phrases and ideas, but didn’t say a thing. He acknowledges there’s a problem, but pushes the wrong solution. Taking the guns away isn’t the answer, especially in the case of a domestic murder-suicide. You’re telling me that if this player did not have a gun, he wouldn’t have carried out the crime? Ridiculous! Ask OJ, he had no use for a gun, did he?

Though I do applaud Costas for bringing the urgent matter of gun violence among black athletes to issue, he fumbled the narrative at the goal line. He used an opinion that probably fit the narrative his network wants to push.

Bob, you should really keep to what you’re good at, sports casting, not shaking your finger at the American people over gun rights. You’re way out of your league in that arena.