The Murder of Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle

U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle, the most prolific sniper in U.S. military history was murdered the weekend before last, and his memorial service was held today at Cowboys Stadium in Texas.  For those of you that do not know Kyle, he is a Seal that served his country in the Iraq War.  I feel like I know him only because when I heard the news of his murder, I was in the midst of his autobiography, “American Sniper”.  I was obviously shocked when I heard this terrible news, and doubly shocked that I had been reading his book when it happened.

This is a man who gave everything for his country. When I mean everything, it’s not figuratively, it’s literally.  The man gave his heart and soul for us, for his country, for his people.  He was the elite among elite warriors.

These men that fought for us, these Seals, are fearless.  Kyle describes the firefights, and nighttime raids of the places that terrorist were expected to be hiding, and it makes me feel that these were almost suicide missions.  To conduct a war under the restrictions, with the police SWAT team tactics, and extreme duress these men were under is unbelievable to read, let alone imagine someone doing.  But they all did it, and it wasn’t just the Seals, but our Marines, and Army as well.

If I wouldn’t have read Chris Kyle’s autobiography, I might not have been compelled to comment about his death.  I would have been shocked, and saddened by it still, but maybe it wouldn’t have hit me so hard.  This is a man who survived against terrible odds, the worst hell holes in Iraq, and in the process attained honors and medals for bravery in combat.  Chris came home, and built a business that gave advanced training to police officers and security professionals in defense and combat weaponry.

Chris also counseled wounded veterans.  He and his friends would take vets out to the gun range, and socialize with them, and make them feel normal. Again, it seems Chris was always giving of himself.  Unfortunately, Chris and his friend were murdered senselessly while he was helping another fellow veteran.  It makes me sick to think that Chris survived four tours in Iraq, and then finally comes home to be with his wife and children, and he is taken from them, at home no less.  I can’t imagine the pain.

Some people may ask why, like I did in the beginning.  But now, as I write this, I realize that why does not matter.  Chris gave of himself every chance he got.  That was who he was.  And in times like these we must remember, John 15:13: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

RIP U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle.   Thank you.



A Family Problem, Not a Gun Problem



The recent evil and tragic events in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School serve as a reminder that evil is alive and well in our society. And it’s not just our American society that is suffering from evil. Some people, like Michael Moore, want you to believe that evil is endemic to America.

This thinking is ignorant and irresponsible. Evil is everywhere, and it’s not going away anytime soon. As citizens of not just America, but of the world, we have to stand against evil. Believe it or not, this is done every day. The street cop that protects and serves, the soldier that guards and fights, the teacher that educates and instills values, the clergy that strengthen faith and moral character, the husband that loves his wife, the wife that loves her husband, the parents who love their children. These are the everyday heroes that keep evil at bay.

We have a responsibility to keep people like Adam Lanza from becoming people like Adam Lanza. I’m not sure of his mental health history, but I do know that Adam Lanza’s father was not around and did not communicate with his son. This is devastating for a son. There are deeper issues that are present here, deeper than a debate about gun control. They are the issues of family and God. Where was God in Adam Lanza’s life?

These are things all families have to address and examine. Regardless of a divorce, both parents must try their hardest to stay active in their child’s life. A child needs structure and direction. Lanza had neither. I believe his parents gave up on him, which is a tragedy of its own.

Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee tweeted that this event happened because the public schools have expelled God from the classroom. Huckabee endured vitriolic responses to his tweet, accusing him of suggesting that this was God’s punishment for keeping Him out of the schools. What is the public’s problem with God? Why is he rejected by so many? Huckabee was merely pointing out that the public education system is devoid of teaching morality. He may be right on point.

Was it the availability of the guns? Was it the violent video games? Was it the vile and gratuitous movies or music? Was it the disregard for the sanctity of human life that is prevalent in society? These all play a role, but it all comes down to this: Teaching morality and introducing God into your child’s life starts at home. This shield of faith that your child adorns will protect him or her from the evils that seek the ruin of society.

I cannot imagine the pain of the parents, and no words can ever come close to easing that pain. This event should never have happened. Adam Lanza should not have been allowed to get to the point in his life where he was prepared to take lives and then end his own. And if a person like Lanza does get to that point, we as good citizens must have that last line of defense to prevent or mitigate tragedy. A police officer, an armed security professional, or armed and trained volunteers. We must protect the future at all costs.