A Family Problem, Not a Gun Problem



The recent evil and tragic events in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School serve as a reminder that evil is alive and well in our society. And it’s not just our American society that is suffering from evil. Some people, like Michael Moore, want you to believe that evil is endemic to America.

This thinking is ignorant and irresponsible. Evil is everywhere, and it’s not going away anytime soon. As citizens of not just America, but of the world, we have to stand against evil. Believe it or not, this is done every day. The street cop that protects and serves, the soldier that guards and fights, the teacher that educates and instills values, the clergy that strengthen faith and moral character, the husband that loves his wife, the wife that loves her husband, the parents who love their children. These are the everyday heroes that keep evil at bay.

We have a responsibility to keep people like Adam Lanza from becoming people like Adam Lanza. I’m not sure of his mental health history, but I do know that Adam Lanza’s father was not around and did not communicate with his son. This is devastating for a son. There are deeper issues that are present here, deeper than a debate about gun control. They are the issues of family and God. Where was God in Adam Lanza’s life?

These are things all families have to address and examine. Regardless of a divorce, both parents must try their hardest to stay active in their child’s life. A child needs structure and direction. Lanza had neither. I believe his parents gave up on him, which is a tragedy of its own.

Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee tweeted that this event happened because the public schools have expelled God from the classroom. Huckabee endured vitriolic responses to his tweet, accusing him of suggesting that this was God’s punishment for keeping Him out of the schools. What is the public’s problem with God? Why is he rejected by so many? Huckabee was merely pointing out that the public education system is devoid of teaching morality. He may be right on point.

Was it the availability of the guns? Was it the violent video games? Was it the vile and gratuitous movies or music? Was it the disregard for the sanctity of human life that is prevalent in society? These all play a role, but it all comes down to this: Teaching morality and introducing God into your child’s life starts at home. This shield of faith that your child adorns will protect him or her from the evils that seek the ruin of society.

I cannot imagine the pain of the parents, and no words can ever come close to easing that pain. This event should never have happened. Adam Lanza should not have been allowed to get to the point in his life where he was prepared to take lives and then end his own. And if a person like Lanza does get to that point, we as good citizens must have that last line of defense to prevent or mitigate tragedy. A police officer, an armed security professional, or armed and trained volunteers. We must protect the future at all costs.


Are They High?

no marijuana

As you may know by now, Colorado and Washington states have legalized “recreational” marijuana use. The citizens of these states have done a great disservice to their children’s future. I’m not concerned about the morons that are already smoking marijuana on a regular basis; they’re pretty much hopeless. What I am concerned about are the children. And not just about the children of these states, but the children of the entire nation.

I blame the pothead adults that voted for these so-called referendums. These selfish people disgust me. They don’t disgust me because they smoke pot; they disgust me because they want EVERYONE to smoke pot. They want everyone to take part in their misery and slavery to this toxic substance. They’re part and parcel of the denigration of the culture of this great land.

I know all the nonsense arguments about pot: “It’s not addictive.” “It’s safer than alcohol.” If it’s so safe, then why does virtually every nation on the earth deem it an illegal and harmful substance? Could it be that marijuana is a psychotropic drug that’s actually classified as a hallucinogen? Marijuana severely alters the state of your mind, and in some cases causes psychosis. It also leads to lower intelligence levels. Cliff Kincaid outlines it all of this and more in his article “Soros Remakes America into Narco Nation.” As well as the damaging psychological effects of smoking marijuana, it can also cause lung cancer.

The health and cultural problems of legalizing marijuana are obvious, but consider the legality of passing such legislation, which is in direct conflict with U.S. federal law.

The Supremacy Clause contained in the U.S. Constitution declares that the U.S. Constitution, Federal Statutes, and U.S. Treaties are “the supreme law of the land.” When a state passes a law that is contradictory to federal law and, in this case, a U.S. treaty as well, the state law must be pre-empted by federal law. All state judges are bound by the U.S. Constitution and acts passed by Congress.

So, in order to make this a state law, Colorado and Washington would have first had to challenge the constitutionality of The Controlled Substances Act passed by Congress in 1970, as well as several International Treaties to which the U.S. is a signatory. That challenge would then need to be successful in order to pass a state law that clearly undermines the “supreme law of the land”.

This law is a terrible move by these states who disregard the future and security of their children. These marijuana legalization laws are invalid and need to be declared so by the federal government, thereby saving the young people of both states.


Where’s Mitt?



Well, where is he? We’re at the edge of the “fiscal cliff,” Obamacare is our mandate, we’re in crisis mode with Israel, the second amendment is under siege, we have Unions bought and paid for by the President, and a nuclear Iran still looms.

All of this is going on and the “standard bearer” of the Republican brand is nowhere to be found. No mention of him in the media except for a recent lunch with the President. This is strikingly odd behavior from a man that over 59 million people voted for to become the leader of the free world, a man who is vehemently opposed Obama’s policies, and a man who is, essentially, the antithesis of Obama. 59 million Americans hinged their hopes on a man of values and morality, and now these same Americans can’t find him anywhere.

Why is Romney not out there opposing the misguided conception that the rich should pay more? Why is he not chiding the constant spending and the empty promises that go with it? Why is he not advocating and encouraging the movement of the poor and the working poor into the middle class to expand the tax base? Why is he not railing against the millions of illegal immigrants that work here and don’t pay a dime in taxes? Why is he not opposing enemies of the 2nd amendment and their pathetic excuses for evil persons who commit evil acts? Why is he not railing against the lukewarm support the US is giving Israel or the constant war on Israel by Islamists and the media?

Mr. Romney has to come out of hiding. He has to continue the fight. He can’t let the opposition become comfortable.

We want our America to be one that is not in a constant state of war when we don’t have to be. We want our America to have a vibrant economy. We want our America to encourage all classes to strive for greatness and reject handouts from the government. We want our America to not promote divisiveness and derision with its constant class baiting, race baiting, and fairness baiting. Is this possible? Was the election just a brief glimpse into what could have been?

Is that it, Mitt? Did you just tantalize us with fantasies of an America we’ve been dreaming of for twelve years? Was it just a sideshow, a distraction that gave us false hope that we would get our country back?

Maybe that lunch you had with the President said it all. Maybe you’ve raised the white flag. They beat you, so now you’re going to join them? There are 59 million Americans out there that sincerely hope not.


Stuck in the Middle

Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren

What is the middle class?  And why does the topic of the middle class seem to rule the political conversation in this country? Why does the middle class seem to be talked about over all other classes?  It’s an interesting thought that if you take the phrase “middle class” out of the political debate, and substitute it with “American people,” it has an astounding affect.

The following is an excerpt from a recent interview of Democrat Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts (who recently defeated Republican Scott Brown’s bid for re-election) by CBS news, which can be found here.

“What it’s really about is an America that works again for the middle class, an America that’s about…expanding opportunity,” said Warren, offering herself as an example. “Look at me, I’m the daughter of a maintenance man and a woman who worked the phones at Sears, and I ended up as a professor at Harvard Law School. How’s that happen? It happens because we had good public schools, because America invested in its kids when I was growing up, and I think that’s the kind of thing people want now”

Let’s see what happens when “American people” is substituted for “middle class”:

What it’s really about is an America that works again for the American people, an America that’s about…expanding opportunity,” said Warren, offering herself as an example. “Look at me, I’m the daughter of a maintenance man and a woman who worked the phones at Sears, and I ended up as a professor at Harvard Law School. How’s that happen? It happens because we had good public schools, because America invested in its kids when I was growing up, and I think that’s the kind of thing people want now.”

Pretty extraordinary isn’t it?  When you don’t differentiate between classes of people, you’re bringing all groups into the conversation as a nation, not a class.  I invite you try this experiment whenever a politician uses this term. Especially take note when a Democrat politician uses it, since the Democrats are known for the overuse of this label.

This is one of my favorite definitions of being middle class.

As the article points out, being middle class is earning between $20,000 and $100,000 per household, depending on where you live in the USA. I think it’s safe to say that this range encompasses most American families, so let’s stop defining them as a class of people, when they are the majority of Americans.

As the article illustrates, Romney and Obama both basically defined the middle class as having a ceiling of $200,000 to $250,000 per household.  I believe this is a bit generous, and a bit out of touch. Then again, they’re both RICH men. You already know that Mitt Romney is rich. He has made $42,562,419 in 2010 and 2011, according to his filed tax returns. But did you know that the Obamas have made approximately $10,680,081 in income since 2008.  Surprised? Even President Obama is rich, despite his populist pining, and his posturing that the middle class is always getting the shaft.

Am I faulting these men for being rich? Absolutely not.  The issue is not about them being rich; the issue isn’t about anyone that is rich. The issue is that because of the over-bloated and over-reaching federal government, we, the American people, are all getting the shaft. The bigger government gets, the more we’re losing our freedom. All you have to do is look at the expensive massive bureaucracies and unnecessary mandates imposed on the American people. For an example, just look at the “Affordable” Care Act.

Sad to say, but the plight of the middle class platform is just a ploy for votes.  It sounds good.  It’s a tag line.  No one will bother to research the truth, so whatever comes out of a politician’s mouth becomes fact.  So, let’s stop blaming the rich for being rich.  Let’s get our spending and entitlement programs under control, without raising taxes on anyone. Enough is enough.

If you stop playing this class game, you can see that we’re all on the same side. We can have different ideological ways on what policies are better, but better for all Americans, not a contrived individual group.